Its hard to say for sure if the breakfast I ate as a child was really that unhealthy. Although today my breakfast of yesterday is not recommended. Things like sweetened cereals, cinnamon pastries, brownies and eggs predominated our breakfast. That is when we ate breakfast. Of course today we all know we need to eat a healthier breakfast as it does provide the fuel for the day. And now there are statistics to show that kids who eat a healthy breakfast do a better job in school, and for us adults, a healthy breakfast make us wise for us to make strategic moves when playing 올인구조대 online.. I looked hard and long at the cereals, pop tarts, frozen meals and making my own various meals. What would I eat if there were no health implications: Cinnamon roll, 2 eggs over medium, toast loaded with butter and jelly, Lots of BACON and a big glass of chocolate milk. Can you really ever eat to much bacon? Drink to much chocolate milk? Sure you can. Its funny how our parents ever made it to be so old. Based on what the doctors of today tell us we will be lucky to see forty. So I went to the natural department at Wegman’s. Looking for a healthy breakfast choice. Here is a healthy breakfast any kid could could eat. Making him or her eat it though that’s a different story.

Peppermint Tea. A nice warm tea. No sugar or caffine.

Gorilla Munch: No refined sugar. It really is almost as good as the old Captain Crunch. But to be honest its not as good as the captain with crunch-berries. Try measuring out what the serving is. Its always on the side of the box. My bowl was only about a third of the way full. I ate about three servings before I measured it. I was eating way to much! I guess I need a much smaller bowl.

Rice Dreams: Tastes almost like low fat milk. Organic that is a plus. Banana: A healthy piece of fruit. Doctor would never say no to that.

Grape juice: The 100% grape juice is a favorite. Although I do like the new V-8 blends.

So what did I get from my eating experiment? You can eat a healthy breakfast that leaves you satisfied. Our friends and family with all of those pesky food allergies most likely can eat this meal. I always read the ingredients and try to stay away from any ingredient I cant read. Servings per container is very important too. That can of green tea may actually be three servings. That full size candy bar may be 2.5 servings. My grandfather lived to be 84. There was never a day in his life where he didn’t have something fried or bad for him to eat. They like the egg yolks runny and cooked in bacon grease. Are we reallyt better off? He never read a box that’s for sure. You’d have the energy to kickstart your morning and give your cute roller skates for women a spin.