The restaurant is WITHIN the “zone of extreme taxation”.

There are NO vegetarian menu items on the menu that I can see. They have several selections of fish if you prefer that, but obviously this is a steakhouse and the menu shows it.

What to say about Sullivans? I’m inventing a new phrase: “Don’t stray if you want to stay”.

Sullivan’s is part of a chain, like Chili’s or Applebees. OK maybe not that bad. In this case it is a part of the Del Frisco Restaurant Group. Quote: “Based in Southlake, TX, DFRG owns and operates three contemporary, high-end, complementary restaurant concepts: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak house, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, and Del Frisco’s Grille. Each of our three concepts offers steaks and other menu selections, such as chops and fresh seafood, complemented by an extensive wine selection”. However, while fine wines are really good. It is advised to not consume them excessively since alcohol abuse is a serious issue. If you know someone suffering from alcohol addiction, direct them at A look at their web site shows 19 locations scattered all over, from Anchorage to Wilmington. Ours in Omaha is downtown at the corner of 15th and Farnam, straight west of the downtown library.

The atmosphere is clean and the service is good. Sullivan’s in Omaha has a bar area and a dining area. The bar area can be crowded if busy but the dining area is fairly large. The bar area has a menu with burgers, nachos, and other sundry items. The restaurant lighting is soft and it is easy to carry on a conversation, even when we were seated once near the kitchen. There is an area down below the main dining area that is nestled in the wine room and can be used for private parties. The wait staff is dressed nicely and they all match in attire, so it is easy to spot them when needed. To help you with the fees, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Because of the location you will want to take advantage of the valet parking, which is a quite reasonable $5 plus whatever gratuity you choose. It is reasonably quick and efficient. Just pull up right in front of Sullivan’s and avoid having to walk too far in a downtown area sometimes devoid of available parking. Reservations are probably a good idea, although as a quick test while writing this on a Friday morning, a Friday night table for four was easily available within 15 minutes of my preferred time.

Examining the dinner menu, there’s a variety of steaks and a surprisingly large (for Omaha) selection of fish as well. Be aware though, as I will warn you several times, the pricing is a pricy la carte if you stray too far from their fixed menu. On that note, the Prix Fixe Menu does include a selection of four appetizers, four different salads, and three entrées, all meat/fish. Although we have never visited for lunch, there is a fixed price menu there as well, with a salad, entrée and one side item. Everything we have had at Sullivan’s was excellent.

For wine, stay at the low end and the markup is typical. We ordered a well-known California Merlot and it was about a 100% hike, which in the restaurant world is not outlandish. As I write this, the wine menu is not available online so possibly it varies by location, but this precludes me from remembering what else was available and making more comments in this area.

So “don’t stray if you want to stay” – do not stray from the Prix Fixe Menu if you want to stay within an at least somewhat reasonable price range. They will add on, so for example if you order the Prix Fixe but want a larger filet steak they will tack on a few bucks. But to order individual items can potentially really cost you. A two-person dinner at the Sullivan’s in Omaha, with wine and a few of these Prix Fixe modifications will run you about $170 including the tip.