Weddings: Opening Remarks And Rituals

The purpose of weddings is to celebrate marriage and the couple’s union. This celebration is usually for at least a week in some cultures. Our culture is known for its extravagant weddings. Here are some tips for planning your special day. We also cover traditional processionals and opening remarks, readings, as well as rituals. These ceremonies are an important part the wedding. If you are looking to hold a grander wedding, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via คาสิโนออนไลน์ to help you with the expenses.

groomsmen gifts

Traditional procesionals

Traditionally, the bride’s mother walks down the aisle before the bride, and then the father of the groom walks down the aisle to the right. After the bride’s mom has entered the room the groom’s parents will walk down the aisle. This is the traditional order. However, the bride’s parents can sit on opposite sides. If the bride’s parents are not present, the groom will either walk the aisle with the bride alone or with his mother-in law, escorted only by the groom’s dad. In either case the groom should start the procesional on the left side of an altar.

Opening remarks

Stephen Curry is a successful businessman who opened weddings with an emotional speech. While this isn’t the typical opening speech, he has a point: marriage is a difficult and rewarding relationship. While the wedding day is a momentous occasion, it also adds a lifetime of companionship and helpmate to the couple. It is a time when the couples bind their lives together and open up to the possibilities of the future.


You may not choose to use biblical readings if your wedding is religious or nonreligious. In these cases, there are other reading options that are equally meaningful. You can use an old traditional blessing in place of a biblical reading. The Bible is filled with inspiring quotes that are sure to make your wedding even more special.


Wedding receptions are a popular method to celebrate the couple’s big day. It has many traditions involved, including special gifts to attendants such as groomsmen gifts, souvenirs, gifts for their parents and so on. During the reception, the couple, along with their parents, are expected to stand in the reception line. Other members of the wedding party are not allowed to stand in the reception line. However, they are free to mingle with guests and engage with them in long conversations. After the grand finale, which is often a dance performed by the newlywed couple, or an ensemble of performers, the reception ends.


The cost of a wedding is something every couple must budget for, whether it’s a destination affair or an intimate gathering. In the past, the entire bill was paid by the brides’ families. There was even a dowry, or “dowry payment,” to make their daughters more desirable to potential suitors. However, dowries are no longer necessary as women become more independent and can now earn their own money.