It’s not your mom’s food truck anymore. It’s “What The Fork”

It is now the award-winning food truck. Congratulations for your recent television appearance. All of us know you are wonderful.

Did you ever eat somewhere and you thought “Wow”. I’ve had the wow factor only a few times before maybe in New York City, or on a Royal Caribbean cruise when you’re served food that is just so good you would just love to sit all day long and eat continuously. I had that experience in Dunmore the other day at “What The Fork”. In talking to numerous people the overall consensus was why would you be at a food truck? I remember years ago the food truck coming down Washington Avenue. He would have items like cheeseburgers a couple soups but nothing that was really out of this world, although it was good food it was nothing to write about. I have not seen him in years. His food was served hot but not made on the truck. This food I had the other day was definitely worth writing about. From pork tacos to andouille soup and who could forget the pumpkin waffle Turkey cutlet sandwich with cranberry sauce. Since I was so happy on my first visit on Friday I decided maybe I should try it again on Saturday to make sure it really was just as good? I went on their Facebook page to check to see where they would be on Saturday. It was about 5:20 PM and they had posted that they were closing early due to running out of food. I think if you own a restaurant that is the ultimate compliment and sign of success. On Sunday I went back to Facebook and found where they were set up. On Sunday they had picked the UPS store in Dunmore on South Blakeley St. On the previous Friday they were on Grove Street in Dunmore. If you go to Facebook and search for what the Fork and hit the like button and you’ll get their feed listing their menu and location. And when you are in a healthy state of body and mind, you’d be able to play 벳엔드 점검online more effectively.

Now on to my favorite part the food. Our pork tacos were something extraordinary. If I just described to them to you, you might say “Why would I mix all those foods together”. When I opened up my taco and looked at it and saw things like carrots, cabbage, sweet potato straws I had the same thought. But after a bite into the taco I was food bliss. There was a sauce on the taco that was not your conventional taco sauce. It left your palate exploding with flavor. I inhaled the two tacos. The tacos came in a nice cardboard package for $6.50. I had the andiuille sausage with wild rice soup. Ate about half of it and gave the remainder to my wife and she discovered there was a whole brussels sprout in the soup. For her it was like winning the lottery. For me I was not aware of the brussels sprout is I did not dig that far down in the bottom of the loaded soup. On Sunday we had the tacos again and the queso cheese sticks with homemade buttermilk ranch dipping sauce. Picture a stick of cheese rolled in crunchy tortilla chips and deep-fried briefly. Loaded with spices and flavors. My friend on Friday had the pumpkin waffle sandwich with Turkey and cranberry jam. It was six dollars. Judging by the size of it, it was well worth six dollars. My friend gave it a high rating and really enjoyed the pumpkin Belgian style waffle taste and texture with the Turkey cutlet. Of course the cranberry jam made it like a Thanksgiving dinner all rolled into one. Our food ratings were great.

Here is a e-mail that I received from a regular about What the Fork: I ate at the What the Fork truck today, and I had the pulled pork tacos (pulled pork, “candy sauce,” siracha slaw and sweet potato fries) and the house fries (twice baked, with pink Himalayan sea salt). The tacos were so amazing, and I devoured them. The “candy sauce” was the perfect sweet complement to the spicy siracha slaw. Unfortunately, since I took my fries back to my office to eat, the fries were cold and soggy, but that could have been due to travel time (since it was almost a half hour later). The service was nice and quick, and I will definitely be going back and trying the other amazing-sounding items.

It looks like the writer had an enjoyable lunch but as with any french fries you need to eat them immediately. In our case the food that we purchased we ate within 5 minutes of our purchase. They have really nice takeout containers made of cardboard. They have numerous canned beverages available. I thought for the quality of the food & the cost was exceptional. I’ve been to many restaurants that could learn something from this food truck. Add them to your Facebook “Likes” to see their menu. And call ahead and your order will be ready when you get there. I took a good look at the kitchen in the truck and was very impressed with the cleanliness as well as the happiness of the staff. As you know you have to have the three key ingredients to make a restaurant work: Service, Food and Facility. All three of these items were in place and they exceeded my expectations.